Please read the description for each of the workshops.  Choose five workshops that you would like to attend and number those five 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (with 1 being your first choice and 5 being your last choice).  You will be attending three workshops.  You MUST use numbers in making your choices.

_____  “Godly Dating”  

Our relationships with one another are very important. One type of relationship teenagers are often 

involved in is the dating relationship. In this workshop, we will explore the differences between 

dating, as defined by our culture, and a more God-centric style of dating.

_____  “The Father’s Heart 101”  

Whether you’ve stayed or went out and crashed, the Father still has a spot for you at home. A 

deeper look into the Parable of the Lost Son.

 _____  “That’s Pretty Neat”  

Sometimes we can go out into nature, look around and say, “Hey, that’s pretty neat.” God created 

nature to show us His glory, His power, and for us to enjoy.  I will share my favorite places in 

nature and how God speaks to me through those places.

_____  “Repairing the Mirror: Imaging God Well Through Christ”

Looking to the story of God’s human images from the first creation to the new creation, we’ll 

explore what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do to make us a people who can properly reflect the 

Creator-King so the world can see Him as He really is. Join me as we discover what it means to be 

the images of God in His world and why we need Jesus in order to do right. 

_____  “Kryptonite…What’s Yours?”

There are certain things in this world that prevent us from living out the purpose God has for us. In 

this workshop you will learn to identify the obstacles that will harm and weaken the powers God 

has given us to live for Him.

_____  “I Have Good News & Bad News: Which Do You Want First?”

In this age of COVID-19 and Riots there is no shortage of news. Some of it impacts you and some 

of it doesn’t. I have bad news and good news that will impact you greatly. It’s important you come 

and hear about it.

_____  “Lions & Lizards & Lies”

This workshop is going to focus on taking back our mind and not just give territory to the devil in 

the area of your imagination. Keeping the devil from filling your mind with stuff that will keep you 

from living the life God has for you.

Note: Sponsors will attend the "For Sponsors Only" workshop with Dan Smith during the first and 

second workshop sessions.  Session three you will meet in the fellowship hall.  During this 

time, sponsors will be given instructions for the afternoon and also have the opportunity to 

give us feedback concerning the weekend.

EVERY SPONSOR needs to attend session three.  We are asking sponsors NOT to attend the 

youth sessions due to over-crowding in the rooms.

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