Idols vs. God

Workshop Descriptions

Check back for workshops soon!!

Please read the description for each of the workshops.  Choose five workshops that you would like to attend and number those five 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (with 1 being your first choice and 5 being your last choice).  You will be attending three workshops. You MUST use numbers in making your choices.

Note: Sponsors will attend the "For Sponsors Only" workshop with Eric Epperson during the first
 and second workshop sessions.  Session three you will meet in the dining hall.  During this
 time, sponsors will be given instructions for the afternoon and also have the opportunity to give
 us feedback concerning the weekend.  EVERY SPONSOR needs to attend session three.  We
 are asking sponsors NOT to attend the youth sessions due to over-crowding in the rooms.   

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